Comprehensive Legal Defense

Preeminent Trial Services And Litigation Defense Counsel

At Mooney, Lenaghan, Westberg Dorn, L.L.C., we offer premier litigation defense services to health care providers, physician groups, individual medical practitioners, workers’ compensation insurers, third party administrators and employers throughout Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and Colorado. Our extensive trial experience is backed by numerous favorable verdicts.

Clients come to us because we have an in-depth understanding of their needs. We have a rare multidisciplinary approach to litigation drawn from our unique depth of experience. Prior to joining the firm, our attorneys have been prosecutors, in-house counsel, auditors, claims adjusters and more.

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Robert A. Mooney

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Daniel P. Lenaghan

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Christine E. Westberg Dorn

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Steven V. Golej

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Building Long-Standing, Individualized Relationships

One of the most valuable factors that set us apart is the long-lasting relationships that we build with our clients. We have represented some individuals and companies for decades. When clients hire one of us, it means that they always work directly with that attorney, rather than being handed off to an attorney they have never met. The connections we develop assist us in better serving our clients with their future legal needs.

High-Quality Professional Service In Several Areas

We have earned a formidable reputation in multiple states due to the combination of outstanding client service, commitment to high ethical standards and excellent quality of representation in:

  • Insurance defense
  • Medical malpractice defense
  • Workers’ compensation

Our clients never need to request a status update on a case. We ensure our clients are consistently positioned to make well-informed decisions regarding their legal matter. Mooney, Lenaghan, Westberg Dorn, L.L.C., has the professional and accomplished team necessary for tenacious litigation representation.