Comprehensive Legal Defense

Proactive Insurance Defense For Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured Companies, And Third Party Administrators

Insurance claims cost carriers billions of dollars every year. With strategic defense counsel, however, an insurer has a much better likelihood of minimizing expenses and resolving disputes quickly.

The Omaha-based attorneys of Mooney, Lenaghan, Westberg Dorn, L.L.C., defend insurance carriers, self-insureds and third-party administrators who face various insurance claims. What sets us apart from other defense teams is that we get to know our clients personally. We will go on-site to learn about a company’s business operations and to meet with stakeholders; this helps us develop a unique, detailed strategy.

Our primary areas of insurance defense are:

  1. Auto Liability
  2. General Liability
  3. Premises Liability
  4. Workers’ Compensation

Our attorneys have prior experience as claims adjusters, in-house counsel, and legal auditors. This gives us unique insight into the needs of insurance carriers. We always adhere to insurance carriers’ legal auditing standards and billing guidelines and endeavor to maintain the highest ethical standards in the legal community.

The Importance Of Insurance Defense Counsel

With our extensive background, we are well-equipped to assist clients in navigating complex insurance disputes. We have experience with a wide variety of claims and can advise you on whether a settlement or defense litigation is best for you. We strive to develop strategies that prevent the need for litigation when feasible, preserving our clients’ resources.

One of our most critical services is preventing our clients from inadvertently acting in bad faith, as bad faith litigation can cost insurance carriers millions of dollars.

Insurance Defense Representation

A proactive defense can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long-term. Contact Mooney, Lenaghan, Westberg Dorn, L.L.C., today to learn more about our effective insurance law representation.